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Washer and Dryer Repair

Harrisburg Appliance Repair

Both washers and dryers are appliances that you be heavily reliant on. So when either one of them has a problem, and requires repair, it can be a real inconvenience. It can really hold you up from getting the washing done. You can easily avoid this problem with our repair services. Whether you need dryer repair in Harrisburg or washer repair in Harrisburg we are the service that you can call to get your washer or dryer repaired. We can service most major brands and can effectively deal with all the problems that your washer or dryer might experience.

Gas Dryer Repair

There are two main types dryers, one of them being a gas dryer. We specialise in gas dyer repair as part of the washer and dryer services that we provide. Our specialised service means it that much easier to get your gas dyer fixed if there’s a problem. Even if the problem doesn’t prevent your dryer from working, it can often impact its energy efficiency, so getting any problem you notice repaired is important. Whether you’ve noticed the drum isn’t rotating or that your dryer doesn’t seem to get hot enough, we are the gas dryer repair man to call.


There are of course countless brands of both washer and dryers on the market today. Our repair services are designed to provide repair for all of the common brands. So, whatever type of washer or dryer you happen to have, you can be sure that our repair services are suitable, and our team can provide the solution to the problem that you have. That’s why our repair service is the best and the one that you can always call on.

All Common Problems

Both washers and dryers can experience a number of problems that are common. The good news is that we have the easy solution to the range of different common problems that your washer or dryer may experience. In the case of your washer, you could well find that it doesn’t spin, it isn’t filling with water or that, on the flip side, water isn’t draining properly. As for your dryer, you might notice that it’s getting too hot, the drum doesn’t spin or that there’s no heat at all. These are all problems that we can fix for you with our repair services. We can also help you to repair refrigerator.